Looking for a boat rental while in Sardinia ?

Sardinia is a place housed the south of Corsica. The latter being very good plan for the boat trip, Sardinia is not doing badly also with river tourism.

Sardinia and its beaches

While May is a good time to go in Sardinia, because the landscape is green and it changes everything. Sicily and Sardinia are two very different islands, by their relief and their culture, and Sardinia remained isolated from the world. Its geography and history are wonderful, it's good to learn with passion. The beaches are clean and the natural landscape that covers it is very beautiful. The Sardinians have changed for the respect of the environment, because this range was completely different, there is it fifteen years. Indeed, it is much nicer to feel completely disoriented. The Sardinians are very hospitable, very friendly, they are interested in your culture, your differences.

A good boat trip in Sardinia

It was discovered about 200 boat rental sardinia distributed soot ports of Sardinia. Almost all of these boats have no skipper you can be the captain of your ship. The price has also sold off in recent years because you can easily rent a monohull to 800 euros per week, or 50 euros a day.

Trips along the beach are very interesting in Sardinia, because even if the law is rather strict about cleanliness of this range, you can do it the campfire, it is just advisable to leave no trace on the following day. You also have the right to make a nice barbecue at sea, a bit away from the beach and still pay attention to the gale that can burn the boat. Then you can invest necks on the coasts of the province of Oristano, the coasts of Sinis and more Alghero, Iglesias, etc.

The Catamaran is the type most rented boat right now, for you to see if the offer you are interested.

What are you thincking about ?

Trip and sea

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