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In addition to respecting the environment, Samboat has the economic advantages of an electric powered boat. Its maintenance is minimal and its pilot cost is 10 times lower than that of a fossil fuel.

Sailing is cheaper

With clean, simple and functional lines, the stern is open for easy loading and the interior is modular, allowing seats to be added in different positions by means of a rail system. It is even possible to install a barbecue on board, being a customizable boat, there are no two identical people. The customer can choose the cover in cork, teak or aluminum, batteries of 90 or 120 kilowatts, outside cabin or bridge... The personalization can be done online and the delivery time is 10 weeks. You can imagine that every time we opened an eye at night, the first thing to do was to look out the window and watch the weather. Which is a good ritual to see here how the rain seemed to disappear hour after hour, but not so much the waves, which continued to be noticed, crashed against the beach. And as we have the room right by the sea, we have been privileged spectators throughout the night of the development of time.

Traveling to create memories

We find people who know the city very well and who are passionate about something that makes the city what it was or has been in the past. And they are doing a unique activity to offer travelers out of their passion. Everyone knows the good micro-brewery of his city and organizes tastings of beer. There is one who is passionate about graffiti and street art. Another host is a sailor who grew up in the Stockholm archipelago. He takes travelers on his boat and shows the hidden jewels of the islands he has discovered since his childhood. Another knows the story of a forgotten corner of his city, Barcelona, ​​and takes travelers on a unique historical walk.

The possibilities are endless when you are on a luxury boat, and you can certainly find an activity that matches your passion and your interests.

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Trip and city

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