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Buying a boat is an important investment and the choice is sometimes difficult. There are many boats for sale on the market and if the perfect boat probably does not exist, we must judge the advantages and disadvantages to make the best choice and invest on the boat of your dreams. Each of the boats of Band of Boats has its own characteristics that make him a specialized boat.

Boats hull open

Open deck boats are certainly the most popular boats on the market. Affordable financially and more manageable they seduce mainly the purchasers of a first boat. Very versatile open-deck boats, also called open deck or bowrider, are among the most accessible boats on the market.

Cabin boats

An improved and more comfortable version than the open boat, the cabin boat offers a cockpit, a shelter for passengers. Despite its reduced size and weight, the boat cabin offers all the necessary amenities and the possibility of going to bed. The small size makes it easily transportable, which for a boat of this type is very appreciable. Cabin boat driving is also often more powerful and sportier, you can with this kind of boat enjoy water activities by the sea, lake or rivers.

The sailboats

Any other type of boat, more traditional, one finds here the values of the sailboats and the taste for the pure navigation! Sail with the wind, sail to the islands, the world belongs to you and only holds a little wind in your sail. Book insiders, sailing requires solid knowledge in navigation, maneuvering and good physical condition. Although no boat license is required, sailing is certainly the nautical activity that requires the most navigation experience.

So, are you looking for a specific type of boat? Band of Boats offers you last-ditch boats, but also opportunities to allow you to realize your dreams while respecting your requirements.

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