What kind of boat can you rent?

Sardinia could be described as the land of myths and legends, wars and navigators; but, above all, it is the land of the sea. Cagliari is one of the most beautiful cities of Italy. Cagliari is fantastic, you will be dazzled by the beauty of its sea and white rocks. There, you will find tasteful extra virgin olive oil and strong wines. Olbia and its beaches will hit you straight in the heart.

It offers you a unique diversity; from the wilderness of Portisco beach and Sa Rena Bianca to the beach Punta Nuraghe, most suitable for your children. And do not forget about the famous Costa Smeralda. At night, you can enjoy fashion events in Porto Cervo, while during the day you can explore beaches such as Poltu, Coggji, and Celvia. The fact is, Sardinia is a wonderful land with wonderful places to sail to, and wild beaches accessible by yacht.

Which boat to rent

If you decide to rent a yacht from an individual is a very simple and convenient process. You can choose between different boat types: motorboat, RIB, sailboat, catamaran, houseboat, or jet skis, and send the boat's owner a direct message. Renting a private owner boat allows you to manage details and adapt the booking to your needs. You can ask a skipper to be on the boat to show you all of the area's best bays; or if you're an experienced sailor, you can either charter a yacht or cruise alone or with family and friends. Besides sunbathing and sightseeing, boating off the coast is one of the most beautiful holiday experiences on Sardinia. Nowhere else is the beauty of this island so evident and is the curiosity to explore this island as great as from the sea side. Hence, boat hire sardinia. The wonderful colors between sea and land, the imposing coasts and the panoramas of the towns on the banks will delight you on a boat trip.

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