The fascinating Bay of Angels Nice

Bay of Angels or Baie des Anges in Nice is a touristic place with the impressive view of the Mediterranean coast. This authentic and great value place has become among the top-rated tourist attractions since the last few decades. Nice is the second most visited city in France as it is famous for its glamorous views and its unique shore. There are many resorts that visitors can practice. Obviously, when you spend a vacation on the seaside, sunbathing is the common activity. Bay of Angels has several beaches where visitors can appreciate. They can relax on a chaise lounge and enjoy the rays of the Mediterranean Sea. For those who a need calm place, they can rent a chair and umbrella on the private beach. By visiting Bay of Angels, you can enjoy different resorts such as sailing, snorkeling, windsurfing, kayaking, wakeboarding and more. Aside from the different water resorts, this place has also various land activities like visiting the old Nice town, shopping, promenades on the mountains and more.

Adam and Eve had already visited Bay of Angels

The paradisiac Bay of Angels has an interesting and exceptional history. According to the legend, the first visitors are Adam and Eve. As the story goes, when they had no idea where to go, they lead by the Angels and found a beautiful place. They immediately fell in love with this paradisiac place with a glorious bay. This bay is, in fact, the Bay of Angels and according to some, this is how this awesome bay got its name.

A shark with two wings like an angel

According to the story, the angel sharks from the sea used to live in the Bay of Angels until the 19th century. These atypical sharks looked like an angel with two wings are among the underwater creatures there. Most of the fishermen at that era had already seen these extraordinary creatures. That is the reason why people named this paradisiac bay “Bay of Angels”. Even nowadays, they have been disappeared completely, they remain linked to the story of this bay. And according to some people, this is the reason how this bay in front of Nice got its name “Bay of Angels”.

The touristic “Promenade des Anglais”

When we talk about Bay of Angels, Promenade des Anglais or Walkway of the English comes first in mind. It is the most celebrated promenade in Nice. This touristic place is among the most attractive in European borders and popular touristic place in French Riviera. Visitors can enjoy the wonderful views of the Mediterranean Sea and can also appreciate the different water resorts there. Apart from these, the luxurious seafront apartments make this place gorgeous. Relish also the different local specialties in the starred restaurants. Promenade des Anglais is linked with land activities. If you like especially visiting the Nice town, you can make it by bike. There are many bikes that you can rent. If not, you can go for a walk by visiting the splendid places in Nice. The Promenade is also the place where the popular event takes place. The Carnival of Nice and Prom Classic are the most popular. Check the local calendar if you want to discover these cultural events.

Classic Yacht Charter French Riviera

French Riviera is a stretch of coastline along the Southeast of France. Bay of Angels Nice comprises in French Riviera or “The Côte d’Azur”. As this town has developed a reputation especially on the tourism industry, chartering a yacht in Nice is the most popular and becoming a kind of custom there. There are many types of private yachts charter to choose from. Appreciate the Bay of Angles by chartering a yacht. If you are a large family, you can choose the biggest yacht. Likewise, if you need more comfort and want to stay in your luxurious environment, luxury yachts are available for you. With a yacht you can enjoy the different onboard or land activities. The devoted crew can help you to realize your dream. Moreover, you can also enjoy the restaurant and the bar on the board. Mind that each yacht has its own and competent chef. Thus, be sure that you will spend a great moment in the restaurant. Taste also the local specialties and savor your daily dishes. Aside from these, we live on this earth only once. That is to say, you can organize your special event on the board by admiring the splendid view of Bay of Angels. For instance, your wedding party, your birthday party and more. Undoubtedly, it will be the most original party and will stay your lifetime memory. Why not invite your friends or relatives? You shouldn’t worry because all of the luxury yachts have their brand boutiques. So, you don’t need to move when you want to buy your wedding dress.

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